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As IT personnel recruitment specialists, the SRP IT RECRUITING team maintains a database of highly skilled candidates with expertise in a variety of IT fields. In addition to understanding each candidate's particular expertise, we focus our attention on their soft skills, such as their communication and stress management skills, their ability to work as a team and their level of self-reliance. This enables us to find the candidate best suited to your needs and corporate culture.

Quick results and quality candidates are the trademarks of the SRP team, which has been satisfying its clients' needs for contract and regular personnel for the past 10 years. As a testament to the quality of its services, SRP has created the PRO®, a highly efficient optimal recruitment system whose every step is closely monitored to ensure that the best candidate is recruited at all times.

Steps involved in the PRO® system:

Processus de recrutement optimal (PRO)

Step 1: Getting to know one another

Important for both parties, this step is at the core of a long-term relationship. In practice, it allows both the client and SRP to get to know one another and helps them to understand the business environment, mutual expectations, particulars and challenges at hand. At this stage, we build trust, understand the client's environment and determine what direction to take.

Step 2: Understanding the client's needs

Understanding our clients' needs is essential to recruiting the appropriate candidates. At this stage, we examine everything in minute detail. What are the specifications of the position to fill? What are the technical requirements? What will the candidate's roles and responsibilities be? What are the organisation's policies? Working conditions? Salary?

Nothing is left to chance. We create a very specific profile of the ideal candidate, based on our client's expectations.

Step 3: Recruitment process

The SRP team develops a unique recruitment strategy based on the nature of the available position. This strategy ensures optimal use of the tools at our disposal.

Once the best candidates have been found, we embark on a rigorous interview process to further narrow our list of potential candidates. Next, we verify references and qualifications, and present the client with a candidate that is perfectly suited to the organisation's needs. Once the perfect candidate has been found, we handle the hiring and negotiate the contract.

Step 4: Follow up with the client

Once the candidate has been hired, we follow up with the client and verify his or her level of satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Does the candidate fully meet the job requirements? Does he or she fit in well? Is there any kind of problem?

If we identify any issue or if the client is not completely satisfied with the candidate's work, we work with the individual to correct the situation. If necessary, we will replace the person with a more suitable candidate. This is SRP's total satisfaction guarantee. Meeting our clients' needs is priority one.

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