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For IT specialists

SRP IT RECRUITING has been a major player in the field of IT recruiting for more than 10 years. We have a thorough knowledge of the IT trades, and we speak your language and understand the issues you face. We know that information technologies function differently than other business areas. They have their unique vocabulary and own way of doing things.

All qualified individuals seeking contract or permanent positions are welcomed at SRP. We build strong relationships with both clients and IT specialists. By meeting their respective needs, we seek to ensure the well being of both parties. SRP takes care of its people. Our candidates are not simply numbers to us; they are IT specialists who deserve a position suited to their qualifications.

SRP sets itself apart by providing IT specialists with a very specific system for finding high quality IT positions or mandates. The POP® is divided into four steps:

Processus d'orientation professionnel POP

Step 1: Getting to know one another

At this stage, we take the time to get to know one another and develop a relationship. We want to familiarize ourselves with your career path, skills, expectations and unique characteristics. We look at everything to make sure that the positions we offer will meet all of your needs.

We also tell you about us, how we do things and who our clients are. We tell you what we can offer and how we can help advance your career.

Step 2: Understanding the IT specialist's needs

At this stage, we dig even deeper. Every technical issue is examined. We want to know what your medium term career goals are so that we can help you in the short term.

We discuss the type of business and the type of position that interest you, as well as the salary or contract terms you are seeking. We also examine the type of technologies you use, as well as the roles and responsibilities that you are looking for.

We want you to enjoy your position or mandate, and follow a career path suited to your ambitions.

Step 3: Search process

We start this process by adding your profile to our database of candidates. Once that is done, two options are possible.

The first option is to analyse current mandates to see if you fit the requirements of an available position. This is an active stage of the overall process, based on our clients' actual requirements.

The second option is more proactive. As mentioned, we develop close relationships with our clients. If we believe that you are well suited to a particular client, we will not hesitate to contact him or her to conclude a professional introduction agreement. Interest on the part of the client may lead to potential mandates for you.

Step 4: Follow up with the IT specialist

At SRP, we conduct rigorous, periodical follow-ups with all our candidates. We want to be absolutely certain that you are happy in your new position. Should minor irritants arise, we will serve as intermediaries between you and your new employer or client. We take every step necessary to make sure the individuals we place are satisfied with their new responsibilities. We value quality relationships based on a customized approach.

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